Meet Regan Daniel — Girlfriend of Arkansas’ Dusty Hannahs

It was an interesting week for Arkansas sharpshooter Dusty Hannahs.

In case you missed it, TNT’s Lewis Johnson reported about Gerald Hannahs’ tough-love parenting style during Arkansas’ first-round match against Seton Hall. The highlight was ol’ Gerald locking Dusty out of the house after missing some shots at a rec center, and leaving a basketball out so he could practice more:

Probably the most wtf moment of the NCAA Tournament this year: player's dad praised by announcers for straight-up child abuse.

— Alan Denton (@AlanTheWriter) March 17, 2017

The PC police promptly freaked the hell out over this story, but Dusty isn’t having any of that narrative (via

“I just think he (Gerald Hannahs) raised me great. I mean obviously it worked,” Dusty Hannah’s said. “Made me a tough person, a tough player. Anyone saying otherwise, that it was bad parenting is, you know, their kids are probably going to be really soft. I guess that’s just how people are now days.”

Considering that Dusty turned into a career 39.5 percent three-point shooter, we’d say everything worked out just fine.

Oh, and if the sweet stroke from distance isn’t enough, the guy also has a smokeshow girlfriend in Arkansas alum Regan Daniel.

[Regan Daniel- IG | Dusty Hannahs- IG]