Meet Regan Daniel — Girlfriend of Arkansas’ Dusty Hannahs


It was an interesting week for Arkansas sharpshooter Dusty Hannahs.

In case you missed it, TNT’s Lewis Johnson reported about Gerald Hannahs’ tough-love parenting style during Arkansas’ first-round match against Seton Hall. The highlight was ol’ Gerald locking Dusty out of the house after missing some shots at a rec center, and leaving a basketball out so he could practice more:

The PC police promptly freaked the hell out over this story, but Dusty isn’t having any of that narrative (via

“I just think he (Gerald Hannahs) raised me great. I mean obviously it worked,” Dusty Hannah’s said. “Made me a tough person, a tough player. Anyone saying otherwise, that it was bad parenting is, you know, their kids are probably going to be really soft. I guess that’s just how people are now days.”

Considering that Dusty turned into a career 39.5 percent three-point shooter, we’d say everything worked out just fine.

Oh, and if the sweet stroke from distance isn’t enough, the guy also has a smokeshow girlfriend in Arkansas alum Regan Daniel.

[Regan Daniel- IG | Dusty Hannahs- IG]

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