Buy This Kentucky Wildcats Golf Cart — $12K

Bad news Kentucky fans: We couldn’t find you guys a nice tailgate ride to drive to Houston for the Sweet 16. However, we found the next best thing… a Wildcats-themed golf cart that will certainly steal the show on the links.

It’s on the market for $12,000 and features custom UK floor mats, cargo box with double doors, four beverage cup holders and much more — additional details from the seller:

This is the ultimate vehicle for the serious UK Wildcat fan. Great for the golf course (it has golf course approved tires), great for tailgating, great to ride around the farm, great for parades, and great for the camp ground. Custom EZGO MPT-1000 Industrial Golf Cart. This cart has custom paint and graphics for Kentucky UK Wildcat fans. This cart has everything.

Of course, for $12K you could just wait for a bus or RV to hit the market and probably spend much less. But if you’re a golfer and have coin to drop, this is the way to go. Maybe split the cost with your buddies.