Mike Francesa Tries To Say Kevin Pittsnogle…It's A Disaster

It’s that time of year when Kevin Pittsnogle’s name comes up in conversations because it takes us back to a happy March Madness time when a tall tatted redneck could go on an insane run in the tournament and turn himself into a cult hero. He had the college basketball world by the balls in the spring of 2005 when he dropped 22 and 8 on Texas Tech in the Sweet 16 and came back with 25 in a 93-85 OT loss to Louisville in the Elite 8.
A year later it took a Texas buzzer-beater in the Sweet 16 to end the Pittsnogle era. The guy is still the 6th leading scorer in West Virginia history.
Mike Francesa, on Tuesday, tried to say his name and rekindle some of that excitement from years ago.

The last we heard, Pittsnogle was selling Jeeps in Martinsburg, WV. His last car dealership Facebook update came in July 2015 when he was searching for buyers.

Pittsnogle got married about a month later.

Meet Jaime Maggio – TBS March Madness Sideline Reporter
Meet Jaime Maggio – TBS March Madness Sideline Reporter
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