East Tennessee Might Not Beat Florida, But They’ll Take Home Viral Dunk Video Awards

AJ Merriweather of @ETSU_MBB
with the #SCTop10 SLAM during practice for the #NCAATournament #marchmadness #ETSUTough @ESPNAssignDesk pic.twitter.com/leUnLITmJH

— ETSU Athletics (@ETSUAthletics) March 15, 2017

Here I had no idea East Tennessee State wants to go ahead and lock down the 2017 March Madness dunking contest early before they hit the court today against Florida.

I’ve been begging for a team like this to show up since FGCU went Dunk City on the tourney a few years ago. I NEED this. I NEED guys flying around.

Go ahead, give ETSU the practice dunking title. You’re not even reading this because you’re at the bar and you just want to see the videos. I get it.

Eastern Tennessee State showing off there bounce 🐰⛹🏽pic.twitter.com/yiPEuydWMB

— ☘️Celtics Army☘️33-10 (@Celticcs) March 16, 2017