Anya Vishnevskaya For Trump, Vince Young Fires Back & LeBron Jr. Is Putting Out Fire & 1 Videos

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There are a couple basketball games on TV today. Hope those of you who stay up late are enjoying the live content at like 2-2:30 in the morning EST. Get home from the bar, catch the end of a Pac-12 game, passout, get up and it’s Saturday. What a life. Don’t sleep on that Big East semifinal action tonight on FS1. That should be great. Doesn’t matter who’s playing. It’s also Duke-North Carolina day. That’s at 7 on ESPN. Clear the schedule.

Russian Anya Vishnevskaya’s going to blow Trump’s mind

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LeBron Jr.’s latest highlight tape is FIRE!

Sestito gets four games for this boarding

CBS blurs out guy’s Fox News hat

Florida Man wearing “Who Needs Drugs” shirt arrested for possession

Meet McKenzie from UNC

Jimmy G Hacker GIF of the Year

Found the guy who hacked Jimmy Garoppolo's account

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