Jhenny The Ring Girl, Alex Smith Looking Swole In Hawaii & Malkin Gets Lit Up

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There are just a few basketball games to watch today. Conference tournament Thursday is better than New Year’s Day day bowl games. I’ll take volume over worthless bowl games. I need the ability to throw it on FS1, BTN, ESPN2, SECN, etc. at a moments notice and something big is happening. There’s also like 15 WBC games to watch on MLB. HUGE day of sports.

Meet Jhenny…MMA Ring Girl of the Year

Jonah Hill smoking off the weight this time

Alex Smith looking swole in Hawaii

Malkin drops the gloves, gets lit up

Louisville party bus at the scrapyard — sad!

Local news station covers up competitor’s SUV during interview

Florida Man lawyer’s pants catch on fire during trial, e-cig to blame

Meet Megan from Arizona State

NBA Nut Shot of the Week

Now THAT's a shot to the nuts! (from @recordsANDradio) pic.twitter.com/rNkY8r435J

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) March 9, 2017

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