Vince Young’s Comeback Is Official… Signs With The Saskatchewan Roughriders


It’s not an NFL comeback, but it’s a comeback nonetheless.

It’ll be good to see Vince back on the football field. Yeah, he’s gained a little weight, but he’s no Jamarcus Russell. Hopefully that $5,000 per week on Cheesecake Factory phase is over. I think if he really puts in some effort, he could tear up the CFL.

By the way, the CFL should just be the minor leagues for disgraced QB’s. If no NFL team signs Johnny, he should go there. Tebow should’ve went there before picking up that baseball bat. You go to Canada and light it up, teams have an excuse to take a chance on you. So good for Vince for sacking up and signing with the Roughriders.

Some quotes from his press conference

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