Tim Tebow RAKES…In BP…Before Facing The Red Sox

Tim Tebow hits one off the scoreboard to the opposite field in BP. pic.twitter.com/ihN8C7tFZj

— John Tomase (@jtomase) March 8, 2017

I don’t care if Tim Tebow hits .125 after 400 ABs in Triple-A. We need him playing baseball for a full summer. We need the possibility of Tebow being called up for some worthless game in August when the Mets are so far up that they can risk batting Timmy in the 8 hole and taking the chance he jacks one out.

We NEED it. We DESERVE it.

I’ll be excited for baseball all of maybe a week or two and then the Reds will be buried in last place and I’ll start thinking about the NFL Draft, minicamps and vacation – if I get one this summer.

What holds my interest in baseball by May/June if Tebow’s released and the dream is over? I have nothing. The Cubs? That ship has sailed. The Indians? No thanks. Verlander not giving it up to Kate after a complete game?

Tebow’s the hero that can give us some national buzz, some content:

OMG, it's almost BP time. #tebow pic.twitter.com/3npTGnvrqZ

— Michael Silverman (@MikeSilvermanBB) March 8, 2017

I was, like, this close to him. #tebow pic.twitter.com/RNMzbgMXY9

— Michael Silverman (@MikeSilvermanBB) March 8, 2017

That swing. #tebow pic.twitter.com/yrDxK9m8PM

— Michael Silverman (@MikeSilvermanBB) March 8, 2017


Seeing a lot of fans here wearing Tebow #Mets jerseys! @WPTV @FOX29WFLX pic.twitter.com/cy6dQFsHYY

— Alex Hagan (@AlexHagan_WPTV) March 8, 2017


Tim Tebow batting 8th today for the Mets in their split-squad game against Boston. https://t.co/zOFvY7VCr6 pic.twitter.com/MgyBNps4H4

— Brian Franey (@FraneyESPN) March 8, 2017