Julian Edelman & Adriana Lima Split











E! News says it’s all over. Julian Edelman and Adriana Lima have gone their separate ways and will go back to banging other combatants. In what E! is calling an “exclusive”, we learn that the two have “broken up.” Not sure why that had to be an exclusive and why Adriana didn’t just release the news on IG. Wait, I know why! Because you can get paid for that kind of a story. Ahhhh.
Anyway, Edelman will go back to chasing tail just as world class as Lima and he’ll have another Super Bowl ring on his finger. He’ll be fine.
As for Lima, she’s now 35 and headed for the twilight of her jersey chasing days. You might remember that she was once married to NBA heartthrob Marko Jaric. This was a smart move latching onto Edelman for the Super Bowl run. You gain incredible exposure, guys start thinking you’re 25 again and brands start throwing money at you.
From E!:

Since the breakup, a source tells E! News that Adriana is focused on modeling, starting her acting career and raising her two daughters.
In fact, she most recently covered Ocean Drive Magazine and enjoyed Oscar weekend solo where she attended Vanity Fair‘s annual bash.

Like I just said, brands start throwing money at her. She’s hot again.

Edelman pre-Lima…he’ll be fine:

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