ESPN's Sara Cardona's Is Making Sideline Reporters Great Again

There I was perusing IG this morning like every other morning….then I came across our old friend Sara Cardona working hard over the weekend as an ESPN sideline reporter, something she’s done more and more of over the last few months, and all I could think is ‘Sara Cardona is Making Sideline Reporters Great Again.’
Have we been in a drought or have we been in a drought?
Remember when ESPN would put Erin Andrews out there in some dress made for 2 a.m. at a Miami club and have her drive college guys nuts? And then ESPN went all MSESPN. They PC’d the life right out of their entertainment productions. At some point they went with sideline reporters who should be reporting for the NY Times instead of sticking with the bread & butter.
At some point we were told by ESPN that it wasn’t OK to be smoking hot and be a sideline reporter.
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Remember when the game Erin Andrews was working became appointment TV? We would watch — even the PC dorks who act like they can’t think a woman is hot because they’ll be hit over the head by some hipster brick falling from the sky — to watch Pageviews drive college guys crazy.
There’s been this lax life to college basketball over the last few years and I’m beginning to think it’s because the production has gotten so stale. Why do you think ESPN has let Bill Walton go crazy? Stale. That’s why ESPN did that college¬†broadcasters working NBA games thing. Swap Day or whatever they called it. So stale. No stars.
It’s time, folks. It’s time for ESPN to come to its senses and let Sara Cardona Make Sideline Reporters Great Again and we’re going to start with college basketball. We’re going to put her on special assignments this week during conference tournament action. We’re going to let college fans freak out like the old days.

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