Charles Barkley Trashes A Guy On 'Inside The NBA' For Being A Cashier

Here’s a little reminder why Inside The NBA is the greatest studio show out there and it isn’t even close. This is also why Charles Barkley is the most entertaining man on television. One minute you’re breaking down a game and the next minute you’re dunking on a guy from Twitter because he has a lame job.
This is from Thursday, but it just came across me this morning. Some guy tweets in a jab at Chuck’s weight, you know to keep the show interactive, and Barkley stuffs the kid in a locker because he’s a cashier. He also mentions some stuff about how only women should be cashiers, which I’m sure really went over well with the feminist crowd.
He didn’t apologize, which is why Barkley is the best. He doesn’t give a shit about anybody’s feelings.

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