Christian McCaffrey Crushes 10 Reps Of 225 At The NFL Combine Bench Press

I’m not going to judge Christian McCaffrey – 5’11” and 202 pounds — for only putting up 10 bench press reps of 225 today at the NFL Combine. Just kidding…of course I’m going to judge a guy who’s supposed to be the next coming of a White NFL Guy we’ve never seen before. The kid is supposed to reinvent the White NFL Guy game. Running back. Punt returner. Slot guy. Kickoff returns. Total yardage for days.
And then he struggles to throw up 10 reps of 225.
Look, I couldn’t put up 225 once, but I’m not the White NFL Guy who’s about to go out there and battle against guys who want to rip off his head. I’m battling my couch, my fantasy football decision and a plate of chicken chunks. The bench press doesn’t exactly determine if you’re headed to the HOF.

So how does McCaffrey stack up against past Draft picks?

Dalvin Cook (6’0″ 214) 22 reps – 2017┬áCombine
Kenyan Drake ( 6’1″ 216, 3rd round, Dolphins) 10 reps – 2016┬áCombine
Todd Gurley (6’1″ 227, 1st round, Rams) 17 reps – 2015┬áCombine
David Johnson (6’1″ 224, 3rd round, Cardinals) 25 reps – 2015 Combine
T.J. Yeldon (6’2″ 218, 2nd round, Jags) 22 reps – 2015 Combine
Jay Ajayi (6’0″ 221, 5th round, Dolphins) 19 reps – 2015 Combine
Jordan Howard (6’0″ 230, 5th round, Bears) 16 reps – 2016 Combine
Le’Veon Bell (6’1″ 230, 2nd round, Steelers) 24 reps – 2013 Combine’s Lance Zierlein’s scouting report for McCaffrey:

Multidimensional runner with flex appeal for teams looking for a player who can carry the ball 20 times or catch it 10 depending on the game plan. McCaffrey’s size, power and speed are just average, but he is able to create yardage for himself with his vision and elusiveness. McCaffrey’s ability to return punts and kicks could be the value sweetner that pushes his name into the first round.

Zierlein compares McCaffrey to Tiki Barber.

Football Season Is Over, So Bill Belichick Can Enjoy A Laugh
Football Season Is Over, So Bill Belichick Can Enjoy A Laugh
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