Football Season Is Over, So Bill Belichick Can Enjoy A Laugh



We’re in rare times right now, folks. We only get to see this maybe once every couple of years. It’s like a solar eclipse. Every few years, we get to witness a phenomenon rarely seen by the human race. That would be Bill Belichick laughing. Normally, it occurs relatively soon after a Patriots Super Bowl win, but in some circumstances can happen otherwise. Last night we got to witness it.

Bill and Linda sat in the front row at the Cavs-Celtics game last night and while nothing in the game triggered the smile, the world’s happiest hoopers aka The Harlem Globetrotters were able to get the job done.

Now we wait until 2019 for the possibility of another one.

Bill also almost got trucked by LeBron

LeBron made sure to brace himself in order to save Bill

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