Buy This Chicago Bears Tailgate Van — $5,995

The Bears will probably continue to blow next season (especially with Alshon Jeffery expected to bolt in FA), but hey, at least the Jay Cutler era is nearing its end. And what better way to celebrate Cutler’s looming departure than starting clean with this ultimate Bears tailgate van?

It can apparently seat up to 15 people and includes both a hitch and grill. $5,995 and it’s yours — details from the Craigslist ad:

THE ULTIMATE CHICAGO BEARS FAN VAN for sale! 8 years of amazing tailgate memories and a family love affair with the city’s pride and joy, Chicago Bears! This van is the perfect for you to create your own memorizes with your friends and family, as well will grab attention wherever she goes! Drive in style and cheer on DA BEARS!

Eight years of tailgating, one division crown back in 2010. Rough. Hopefully this van sees brighter days at some point.