Bill Belichick Donated His Boat “V Rings” And Reportedly Left A Sixer In The Boat Cooler

I’m starting to like this Bill Belichick character. What if I told you Hoodie recently donated his boat to a public sailing center so he could upgrade to a new boat named “VII Rings,” and left a sixer in the cooler for the boys down at the sailing center to suck down after a hard day of work?

Thoughtful guy, right? I knew there had to be a Coach Hoodie and then the off-the-field Hoodie that likes to suck down brews, catch some fish/rays/single ladies and have good times on the boat.

FromĀ amandaswinhart/IG:

With @lillyontheloose aboard “V Rings”, a boat formerly owned by @patriots head coach Bill Belichick. Belichick recently donated the boat to Sail Newport, New England’s largest public sailing center. Among the items left behind were this engraved luggage tag, reading “N.Y. Giants” on the opposite side, and a six pack still in the cooler. The coach has since upgraded to his latest vessel, “VII Rings”

Belichick last coached for the Giants in 1990. That’s an old luggage tag.

Here’s Belichick’s new boat – “VII Rings”


V Rings headed to its new home: