Austin Dillon's Fiancee Whitney & Her Friend Mariel Are Really Into Fitness

Hot on the heels of our Austin Dillon interview this week during the Daytona 500 media day, I heard from Austin’s fiancee, Whitney, about how she was teaming up with her friend Mariel on a fashion blog that we should checkout. Done. Seriously, you’re talking about two former Tennessee Titans cheerleaders teaming up on a fitness blog. That’s a slam dunk for BC.
Quick introduction: 
• Whitney Ward — engaged to Austin Dillon; Monster Energy Girl; @WhitneyWard
• Mariel Lane — Miss TN World 2015; Dates a Ty Dillon tire changer; Monster Energy Girl; @MissMarielLane
The ladies say they’re going to take you on a fitness journey and there are three components to that journey: Devotional, Journal and Your bestie.
Look, I’m in. Already said that. These two have been killing it on the NASCAR circuit for a couple years now (saw Mariel on stage at the Big & Rich Talladega spring race show last year — she seems like fun) and this just feels like another one of those components to their fun lives.
So start following the social accounts, maybe lose a couple lbs., have some fun and learn that there are actual NASCAR drivers and girlfriends that aren’t cookie-cutter.
[Whit & Mariel Blog]

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