The Indiana Hoosiers Bandit Has Been Captured

Did BC break this case open or did BC break this case open? That’s the question I have for the FBI. I clear as day remember posting the Indiana Hoosiers fan who wouldn’t stop robbing banks. I remember the dad Jordans. I remember the IU hoodie like it was yesterday. I remember people getting mad at me for tagging him a Hoosiers fan because he could be a fan of another school just using the IU hoodie as a cover.
That’s fine, but the Hoosiers angle makes this a sports story and maybe one of his coworkers (see below) is a BC reader and turned his ass in. I hope. It’s been one of my goals to see a person go to federal prison because someone saw them on BC and went to the FBI.
From KFDA:

According to the FBI, 50-year-old Anthony James Lane is accused of robbing multiple banks in area states, two of which were here in Amarillo.
FBI agents and the Tucson Police Department arrested Lane on Tuesday in Tucson, Arizona, connecting him to 11 bank robberies in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado between August of last year and the latest this month.
After seeing media coverage, Lane’s co-workers in Tucson contacted the FBI to inform them they believed he was the suspect.

Do you know someone at the FBI? Tell them to hit me up and let me know if BC broke this case wide open.


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