Scumbag Indiana Hoosiers Fan Robs Texas Grocery Bank

Do you know this scumbag Indiana Hoosiers fan? Do you have a scumbag uncle who’s a Hoosiers fan and lives near Amarillo, Texas? This might be your uncle sticking up a bank inside an Amarillo grocery store on Monday, getting away with a pile of money after showing a hand gun.
I know what some smartass is going to say about the hoodie. “He wore it to throw off the police. Don’t lump all Hoosiers fans in on this one.” Blah, blah, blah. I’ve covered plenty of bank robberies so I’ll stay in my lane here. Once you get to this age and you’re robbing banks, you’re a fan of the logo on your hoodie. That thing fits like a glove. Total dad move. You find a hoodie that fits like a glove and you stick with it.
From KFDA:

On Dec. 12, at 6:45 p.m., officers responded to a reported bank robbery at the Amarillo National Bank inside the United Market Street at 2530 S. Georgia.
The teller reported that the suspect approached the counter and asked for change for a $50 bill.
When she opened the cash drawer, the suspect displayed a small handgun and told her to give him the money.
She handed him money from the drawer and he left the store.
According to police, the suspect is a white male, 50 to 60 years old, 5′ 6″ or 5′ 7,” is of a heavy build, and appears to have a gray mustache.

Total Dad Move right here. I’ll predict he has a gambling addiction. Lost a little money playing hoops in Vegas, came home, got deeper into debt and now he needs to pay up. Remember, most bookies that I’ve known collect on Tuesday. MNF is over, you’ve run out of options for getting even and you better have the money.
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