Blackhawks Fan Gives His Girl The Wedding Of Her Dreams…On The Ice Before A 5-3 Wild Loss

I did a little research into Kent Johnson and Shanta Balut because you never can be sure if on-ice weddings are legit or some sort of marketing scheme from the Minnesota Wild. You know what I’m talking about. It always feels like these things are fake. This one isn’t. Kent’s Facebook page says he’s been engaged to Shanta since 2015.
The only issue I have here is that I can’t find a single photo on Kent’s Facebook page of him in Blackhawks gear. Then the Illinois native shows up on his wedding day sporting the Blackhawks gamer. I get it, you have to pretty much be a fan of whatever team your girl roots for — if you know what’s good for you.
Kent, if you’re reading this, add a couple of Blackhawks pics to your Facebook. Show Shanta you won’t be totally whipped in this marriage. Put your foot down a little bit.
[HT: Joe J.]

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