Ref Calls NHL Review War Room On iPhone…Welcome To 2017!

Is the NHL strategically going after an Apple sponsorship deal for the official booth review phone of the league? Or was the headset broken? Why was the ref using an iPhone last night in Minnesota?
Here’s what went down, according to the Star Tribune:

Taking this passage from the gamer, but for the second game in a row, a Charlie Coyle-centered line was surging from the outset. Parise could have had a couple goals in the first period. But after Spurgeon cut the deficit to 2-1 37 seconds after a Nick Schmaltz goal, Coyle set up Parise for a tying goal.
But, Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville challenged the entry was offside. The review, featuring linesmen Ryan Daisy and Brian Mach, not only took 6 minutes, 10 seconds, there was a technical malfunction and Daisy had to borrow a press-box attendant’s iPhone to talk to the NHL Situation Room in Toronto.

Borrow a press-box attendant’s phone? And they had the number? Or does someone in Toronto give them a number to call? I need to hear more about how all this goes down. Does the press box guy have the number locked in if there’s an emergency? Questions galore.

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