Raiders Fans Flood Church to See Their Savior Derek Carr Preach or Whatever


It’s trying times for Raider Nation these days: their quarterback is recovering from a broken leg, they are constantly plagued with rumors of relocation to Las Vegas (or San Antonio?), and their first postseason appearance since 2002 ended with a loss against Brock effin’ Osweiler.

Yeah. There were plenty of good moments this past season, but if you are a Raiders fan you can’t help but feel a little angsty about a future without mannequin bong hits in the parking lot. Enduring over a decade of dysfunction only to see Las Vegas of all cities reap the benefits? If you thought Chargers fans were pissed about the LA move, imagine the hellfire Raiders fans would rain down.

Fortunately a familiar face is stepping up to provide a guiding voice during this time of need… Derek Carr! Apparently this guy is the shining light for Raiders fans on and off the field, as he hit Brave Church in San Ramon last weekend to share some wisdom:

The guy really is a miracle worker. Bringing about an unlikely MVP season and getting Raiders fans to come out to church in droves? Crazy.

Additional highlights from the Church of Carr:

Strike a pose, No. 4:

Raiders fan is forgiven for his violence and/or yelling nasty things at Philip Rivers (probably):

Others left with something much more valuable: an autograph to flip on eBay.