Bryce Harper Wearing A Cowboys Hat At Raw

You didn’t know that Bryce Harper’s a Cowboys fan? Of course he is. It’s not like this is breaking news.
This is what Harper said in 2012:

“That’s what happened a couple of weeks ago when Harper re-affirmed his love for non-D.C. teams, including the Dallas Cowboys, New York Yankees, Los Angeles Lakers and Duke Blue Devils. ‘I love my Nationals, but im not a Redskins, Georgetown, Wizards, nor a Capitals fan!’ he tweeted. A later tweet read: ‘Cowboys cowboys cowboys for life!!! I hate those redskins! Hah.’”

Harper is the guy you hate on Twitter. You read the bio and instantly know you’d never enjoy a having a beer and watching a game with the guy.

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Maryse Killing It in Her Matt Ryan Jersey
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