Draymond Green Gets Into It With An OKC Fan And Wears A Cupcake Shirt Post Game

Somehow last night, even in a blowout, was the most exciting game of the NBA regular season so far. Obviously, with Durant coming back to town things were going to get crazy with fans booing and signs and shit. But then you throw in Draymond Green’s crazy ass and it ends up being a nice recipe for a blogger needing some content on a Sunday morning.
You might think KD would be the one to get into it with a fan during the game, but it turns out it was Draymond. Actually, never mind. You definitely assumed Dray got in some sort of altercation. And apparently cops actually had to intervene to cool everyone down.

Then the game ended in a blowout win for Golden State, so naturally they busted out the cupcake t-shirts to throw it right back in the OKC fans’ faces.

Side note: This sign is just brutal


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