Thunder Fans Aren't Very Subtle With Their Feelings On Kevin Durant

Have you heard Kevin Durant is coming back to OKC tonight for the first time? Has ESPN given you enough coverage the last two days on it? Well, in case you’re living under a rock, it is true that KD will be making an appearance at the Chesapeake Energy Arena tonight.
So all the talk recently has been how the fans are going to react. Will they boo? Will they cheer in a thankful manner? I have some news for you, they’re going to boo and they’re going to boo hard. The reason I know this is because of this little segment from Sportscenter this morning.

You can say Thunder fans aren’t exactly about that subtle life. They get straight to the point. What is Kevin Durant? Well, he’s a Koward. What else is he? Also, he’s a cupcake.
Should be a good game tonight.

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