There’s A Patriots Fan Named Brady Goodell And He Says Deflategate Was A Witch Hunt


Over the past week the main Super Bowl storyline has been all about Tom Brady and Roger Goodell. Literally nobody gives a flying shit about the Falcons and that’s going to continue into this week. Every sports talk show is discussing Brady’s revenge tour and Roger awkwardly handing that trophy to him on the podium. Everyone in New England hates Goodell to no end and Goodell hates New England just as much. There’s a reason he hasn’t been there in 2 years.

So what if your name was Brady Goodell? What if your name was Brady Goodell and you happened to be a Pats fan? Could you imagine all the shit you would have to deal with? Turns out there is a real person in Massachusetts that’s dealing with this right now and he says Deflategate was a total witch hunt.


A Kingston resident named Brady Goodell told WBZ-TV that in the DeflateGate era, his name is quite the conversation starter.

And no. There’s no relationship to the NFL commissioner.

“It’s really funny,” said Goodell. “Some people recognize it right away and ask to see my license, or someone will come from a back room if I’m at a store and say ‘What is his name?’ It’s drawn a lot of attention.”

“I have to remind people it’s Brady Goodell, but no connection to the evil commissioner.”

“All Patriots fans are feeling the same way. The whole DeflateGate thing was so bogus and such a witch hunt,” said Brady Goodell. “To see them finish the deal and get it done and hand the trophy to Brady, that would be awesome.”

In classic Patriots fan fashion, he says the Pats are going to win by 14. We’ll see, because if they lose, his name is going to continue to live in infamy.

[Header photo via Brady Goodell/Facebook]

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