Dak Prescott And Ezekiel Elliott Get Over Their Loss By Hitting Up Hakkasan In Vegas


What’s the best way to get over a devastating loss as a #1 seed in the playoffs? Head to¬†Vegas with your teammate and hit up the VIP section in¬†Hakkasan. Maybe take your shirt off and make it rain a little bit? That’s what Zeke and Dak did last night. I don’t blame them, especially after the rookie seasons they just had. They earned it.

Shirtless Zeke is back, baby! Spotted in Vegas this weekend. pic.twitter.com/EmNEQeGRhW

— 12up (@12upSport) January 21, 2017

Another look at Shirtless Zeke throwing down in Vegas #FinishThisFight pic.twitter.com/77TXl2rART

— 12up (@12upSport) January 21, 2017

TMZ also got some more footage of Zeke, who got inside the DJ booth with Steve Aoki and lived it up. The life of the rookie of the year must be nice.