Packers Fan Plans On Taking His Fiancée's Last Name Because It's Packer

This is a level of fandom that may never be reached. Even more than the idiots who get tattoos and shit like that. Do you think you’re a die-hard fan of your favorite team? Let me ask in a different way: Would you be willing to take your fiancée’s last name because it’s the same name as your favorite team. Most would say no. But our boy Ryan here is such a big Packers fan that he literally wants to be named after them. Wild stuff.

“I grew up in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, where the Packers are the unofficial state religion,” he wrote to ABC News while traveling home from vacation in Paris. “Everyone from grandmothers to little kids are diehard fans and we live and die with the team.”

And now that Holtan-Murphy is engaged to woman named Marie Packer, he plans to take her last name so he’ll forever be “Mr. Packer.”

“Honestly, it was never even a decision for me,” he said. “As soon as things started to get serious, for me it was never an option not to take her name. I mean, it’s Packer! I think we were talking about the future and I casually mentioned it, and she was very receptive, and didn’t act like I was nuts — yet another reason she’s the perfect girl for me.”

Back in the day, many would say that taking the woman’s last name is about as emasculating as it gets. But guess what? It’s 2017 now, if you say that you’re going to hear it. So shout out to Ryan for breaking barriers and reaching a level of fandom that most people couldn’t even dream of.



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