Jameis Gets Offseason Rolling With His Dog Tootsie…This Guy LOVES Dogs


Jameis Winston has taken his fair share of abuseĀ over the years for a variety of issues, but you gotta give him credit for how he’s handled his first couple years in the NFL. He stayed out of the clubs, seemed to have a steady home life where he didn’t need to be outĀ chasing skirts and even went as far as buying a labradoodle to keep him company.


You know how I know Jameis is going to be around for a long long time and be a successful NFL QB? He bought a labradoodle.


I’m telling you right now, nothing says maturity in life like a guy getting himself a doodle of any kind. I have a doodle. I get it. You don’t see Johnny Manziel going out and getting a doodle. Guy isn’t mature. He’s not to that point in life. He’s not ready to settle down. Guys who are ready to settle down go for the doodles. They make the commitment. They know that doodle’s going to want to snuggle at night while watching football games. Guys who own doodles are guys who like to grill, crack a beer on the deck and throw the tennis ball for like 20 minutes until the doodle gets tired.

Look at today’s Jameis IG videos. The guy gets outta the house, but it’s not ‘bad’ getting out of the house. It’s not like he needs to go to the strip club and make it rain to get outta the house. Tootsie needs a good run at least a couple times a day. Doodle owners understand this life.

I’m proud of Jameis. He clearly loves that dog. And I know for a fact that Jameis has a deep love of dogs in general because I saw him interact with Jiff Pom during Super Bowl week at the Madden Bowl last year in San Francisco. Jameis loves dogs. Maturity. Leadership. Team.

Officially pro-Jameis.

I took this photo:


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