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Clemson is getting a lot of love from the public in Vegas

Surprisingly, the majority of the public right now is taking Clemson over Alabama with their +6.5 line. Usually, with these big games you’ll see most people riding the favorite, but apparently after Clemson smashed Ohio State last weekend, everybody’s jumped on the bandwagon. The professional bettors still like Bama. “There’s a ton of Clemson money-line support from the public,” Westgate sports book manager Ed Salmons said. “We’ve had some professionals on the Alabama side, but the public side is way more tilted toward Clemson, especially on the money line. “It’s the perception of last week. One week will change everyone’s mind. It’s amazing how that works.” “Even though a couple professional groups are on the favorite, the public is so strong on Clemson. The public may win out on this,” he said. “When you have games like this, the public can overwhelm the professionals. I feel this game is headed in that direction. That’s hard to do because these groups try to get down as much as they can.”

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Sunday's Games#Steelers -12.5 hosting #Dolphins#Packers -5.5 hosting #Giants

— RJ Bell (@RJinVegas) January 8, 2017