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If you’re betting on the Super Bowl, you may want to stay away from this weekend

Wild Card weekend is a fun weekend to bet on. Weird shit happens year after year, so if you plan on riding one of these teams to SB 51, you might want to rethink it. Covers did a nice piece on how recently, Wild Card weekend has had zero effect on the Super Bowl. None. So if it stays like it’s been the last few years, don’t plan on any of these teams getting to Houston. “If a specific and current three-year Super Bowl trend holds true this season, you can go ahead and eliminate every team scheduled to play on Wild-Card Weekend from contending for this year’s Vince Lombardi Trophy. In fact, if this particular trend continues, then you can eliminate every single playoff participant outside of the New England Patriots and Dallas Cowboys. That’s right, football fans. Each of the last three Super Bowls has featured the AFC’s top seed against the NFC’s top seed. Broncos-Panthers, Patriots-Seahawks, Seahawks-Broncos. No sleepers, no upsets, no Wild-Card participants. It’s been nothing but the chalkiest of chalk playing on the biggest of stages for the ultimate prize.”

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Tiger With The Dad Look, Les Miles Wikipedia Edit & PJ Fleck To Minnesota
Tiger With The Dad Look, Les Miles Wikipedia Edit & PJ Fleck To Minnesota
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