Under Armour Trots Out Another Horrible Steph Curry Shoe



You know who’s an unhappy Under Armour stockholder? Me!

The stock has been tanking for months now and Kevin Durant strolling into town and taking all of Steph Curry’s shine — on the court and sneaker-wise — has been a total lose-lose. Seriously. You have KD enjoying one of the most efficient seasons ever while Steph, who’s been good (but not 2016 good), has fallen back to Earth and is no longer making every three pointer in sight.

And the sneakers? Yeah, still underwhelming to an extreme degree even after the Chef Curry debacle. Sorry, UA — no one will be lining up for these K-Swiss 3.5s:

Be on the lookout for these at your local Payless stores come summertime.

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