IG Models Ringing In The New Year, Bama Fan Loses A Tooth & Louisville’s Injury Report

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The College Football National Championship is set

Bama came in and did what they do in the early game. Everyone pretty much expected the lockdown D to show up and Washington had no idea what to do with it. From there the Roll Tide running game carried them, and all around Alabama pretty much dominated like we all thought they would. However, I thought the second game was pretty much a toss up going in. I wouldn’t have been surprised either way it went, but Clemson rolled into Arizona and laid the smackdown from the start. It’s not that Clemson got the win, but the way they did that was wild. Just an all around beatdown from start to finish. Can’t wait for Bama-Clemson Round 2┬áin a little over a week.

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With #Alabama win today Coach Nick Saban receives a $100,000 bonus and can receive another $100,000 if Alabama wins national title.

— Robert Raiola, CPA (@SportsTaxMan) December 31, 2016