Miami Johnny Still Going Strong, Toothless Tennessee Fan & Genie Bouchard Checking In

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It’s CFB Playoff Saturday…

It’s pretty crazy how fast this season has gone by. I may say that every football season, but it’s true. Nothing flies by faster than college football. One minute it’s the first Saturday of the season and we’re all excited and next thing you know, we have a final four on our hands. The early game is Bama-Washington and everybody under the sun has Roll Tide cruising, but one thing they forget is Washington’s coach is Chris Petersen. Anybody remember the ’07 Fiesta Bowl? All I’m saying is it might not be the blowout we all expect. Or Saban does what he does and blows them straight out of the Georgia Dome. Who knows? The better game looks to be is Clemson-Ohio State, which is essentially a toss up. Wouldn’t be surprised either way it goes. If we’re being honest here, I just want two great games to set up an even better National Championship. I think we can all agree on that.

Numbers from: 

That 92-yard Pass TD is the longest Pass TD in Orange Bowl history. Previous long was a 79-yard pass by Brewster Hobby for Oklahoma (1959)

— ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) December 31, 2016