Brandel Chamblee Married Bailey Mosier This Weekend

Brandel Chamblee finally put a ring on Bailey Mosier’s finger this weekend during…shocking!…a golf course wedding at the Arizona Country Club. I first blogged about these two getting engaged way back in March and then lost track of the wedding and the wedding registry. Things got crazy on the sports engagement scene and I didn’t send a gift. It happens. I’m sorry.

Brandel, 54, and Mosier, 30, are best known for their roles at Golf Channel where Mosier started as a Morning Drive personality in 2015. She’s been with the channel in different capacities since 2011.

You know Brandel’s story. He has one career PGA Tour victory – the Vancouver Open back in 1998 and finished a career best 18th at the Masters in 1999.

He tweeted this weekend about the golf course wedding:

“It was the best day I’ve ever had on the golf course. and I thank you so very much for the warm wishes.”

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