Golf Channel's Brandel Chamblee & Bailey Mosier Engaged

I want you guys to give Golf Channel’s Brandel Chamblee, 53, a round of applause for putting a fat diamond on Golf Channel Morning Drive co-host Bailey Mosier’s ring finger. These two are engaged and Mosier’s only 29! This has to be the sports media dating power move of the year and March isn’t even over.
Of course you know Brandel’s story. He’s all over NBC Sports and the Golf Channel, opining on just about everything in golf. There was the recent Rory vs. Brandel dustup where Chamblee questioned Rory’s gym time and getting bigger like Tiger did. That whole thing went down right around the time Brandel asked Mosier to marry him, according to what I can piece together on Instagram.
Brandel indicated that he’s known Mosier for about six years.
Mosier started at Golf Channel on Morning Drive in January 2015. She began at in 2011 as an associate editor.
One look at the social media channels for these two tells it all. They can’t leave each other alone on IG. Good for both of them, but especially Brandel. These good looking older guys with great hair never seem to get the breaks in life. Chalk one up for the older guys with great hair.
Yes, I’ll be buying them a wedding gift.
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