How Am I Just Seeing This Video Of UK & Louisville Fans Fighting At Last Week’s Game?

Still wondering why two Louisville fans were fighting as well 🤔 #whatarivalry

— James Inman (@JC_Inman) December 22, 2016

No clue how this video never crossed the BC editor’s desk. And how does this video not get more traction during Christmas Eve Week? Maybe it did and I never heard about the video. L.A. James is pretty well trained to sniff out the fan fight videos so if he didn’t see it and I didn’t see it, then the Internet probably never saw it.

You know the story: UK & Louisville played last Wednesday night and the Cardinals won 73-70. It appears one thing led to another and you had Louisville fans swingin with UK fan and then Louisville fan on Louisville fan breaks out.

These two fan bases fighting is nothing new. Remember 2012 when a UK/UL fight broke out at a dialysis center?

”He just happened to think UofL would beat UK and he started to run his mouth,” explained dialysis patient Ed Wilson. Wilson also happens to be a self-proclaimed die hard UK fan. “That’s what started it.”