Ezekiel Elliott Hooks Up Dak Prescott and Keith Smith With Diamond Pendants

ezekiel elliott diamond dak prescott keith smith

After dropping at least $80K on John Deere ATVs for his offensive line, you’d assume Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott would be done with the extravagant holiday spending — you know, don’t want to run through all the cash early. However, it looks like Zeke had two more teammates to take care of for: Dak Prescott and Keith Smith.

Zeke took to IG to show off the matching 14-karat gold diamond pendants he got for himself and Dak:

The 21 and 4 obviously represent their numbers, but Darren Rovell notes it is also the area code in Dallas. Nice touch.

And Zeke topped off his teammate appreciation with an additional pendant for Keith Smith:

Hopefully the wideouts don’t feel left out.