RG3 and Grete Sadeiko Enjoy Their First Christmas Together

It was a weekend of firsts for Robert Griffin.

RG3 (and Cody Kessler) became the first quarterbacks to win a game for the Browns since the Johnny Manziel era, and he spent his first Christmas with new flame, Grete Sadeiko. Busy weekend, to say the least.

Now you guys know RG3 and Grete aren’t shy at all about flaunting their love, and they definitely stayed true to that on Sunday:

Looks like things are getting a little serious, too — Grete’s fam was in the house as well:

You can check out more from the RG3-Grete Sadeiko Christmas in our gallery above.

Sidenote: Concussion expert Grete says to not worry about RG3’s head injury. Solid source.



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