The Rodgers Family Celebrates Christmas Without Aaron

One of the most bizarre stories of 2016, in my opinion, was the revelation of Aaron Rodgers’ inexistent relationship with his family. His brother Jordan became instantly famous over the summer when he won The Bachelorette and Aaron completely refused to talk about him or really acknowledge him.
Then a story comes out back in November about how he hasn’t spoken to anyone in his family in 2 years, not just Jordan, and even returned all the Christmas gifts they got him last year. Pretty weird all around from a guy it turns out we didn’t know much about outside of football and Olivia Munn.
So here we are 2 days before Christmas, the Rodgers family is celebrating without Aaron and boy are they letting us know. We have Instagram pictures all over the place of mom and dad with the two less famous brothers along with their significant others.

Yes, Aaron is in the middle of late season playoff push, so you might not expect him to be on this family vacation anyways. But, knowing they don’t speak, I doubt he was invited or even wanted to go. Sad.


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