Odell Beckham Jr Acted Like A Baby Again After The Giants Loss

Has there ever been an athlete with more talent than Odell Beckham Jr, who also continuously acts like a baby back bitch and embarrass himself like he does? Don’t get me wrong watching this dude play football is something we’re lucky to see, but if I was a Giants fan I’d be starting to get real sick of these temper tantrums he keeps throwing.
After his brawl with the kicking net earlier this season, last night he decided to pick a fight with the wall outside of the Giants locker room.

He put up 150 yards and made some unreal plays, but the Giants didn’t pull out the win. So instead of handling it like a normal human, he decides to growl to himself and pace around the hallway. They wouldn’t even let him in the locker room right away.
I want to see more Odell doing things on the field that nobody else can, and less Odell off the field acting like a bitch.

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