Tickets For The Chiefs Game Today Are As Low As $2 Because It’s So Damn Cold

It’s 2 degress in Kansas City right now with about 10 minutes before kickoff. That’s cold as shit. Cold enough to not want to sit outside for 3 hours even though the Chiefs have a division lead and look like the only AFC team who could beat the Patriots.

It’s so cold that people are essentially giving away their tickets. The Kansas City Star is reporting that you could’ve bought tickets for as low as $2. That’s $2 for an NFL game featuring a team not named the Browns. Pretty wild.

KC Star:

There are four Chiefs-Titans tickets at going for two bucks. That is cheaper than a bottle of Two-Buck Chuck at Trader Joe’s. Another 80 or so tickets on that site can be had for $3.

On, there are more than 100 tickets going for $3. If you went through the NFL Ticket Exchange, you’d find more than 100 tickets going for just $5. At StubHub, there were hundreds of tickets available for $6.

SeatGeek had more than 100 tickets going for $4 or less, including some that were just $3. TicketiQ also was selling $3 tickets.

Those prices don’t include processing fees and whatnot, but hey, we haven’t seen tickets this low in quite a while.

On the fifth coldest day in 10 years, I think i’d rather sit on the couch with a fire and cold beer.

KC endures fifth coldest day in 100 years

— KCTV5 News (@KCTV5) December 18, 2016

[h/t The Big Lead]