Bills Mafia Takes On The Dizzy Bat In The Snow


I’m so happy we have another snow game for the Bills today. Like I said last week, when it snows on a game day in Buffalo, the tailgating debauchery gets turned up to a million. Snow makes everyone want to drink more and that equals a Super Saiyan version of your normal Bills fan.

Like they’ve done before, they busted out the dizzy bat this morning, which always turns into a great video. All you have to do is spin around a bunch of times and try and blast a beer into outer space.


One of the best dizzy bats I’ve seen in a while. He made clean contact, took it the other way, kept the hands inside and got on base. Can’t ask for more than that.

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When you try to tailgate #BillsMafia

— David Yarger (@YagaBomb24) December 18, 2016

Looks like this Bills fan isn’t afraid of breaking his leg:

Trying to sled on a table? Bad idea:

Having some fun! #billsmafia #CLEvsBUF

— DERANKER 🐂💩 (@xDeranker) December 18, 2016

Tackled through a table:

Tackled through the table #BillsMafia

— Andrew Gloss (@Gl0ssedOver) December 18, 2016

Bills bro tries to put himself through a table, but his buddies move it at the last second:

Tailgate dildo toss:

Off the spare tire and into a table of trash:

Spear/F-5 combo: