I Hope Todd Gurley Fights The Fan Who Called Out His Fantasy Numbers

Todd Gurley Podcast

Nobody in this world is more annoying than the guy who constantly talks about his fantasy football team. If you’re the guy who feels the need to bring up to people how your team did this week, you need to reevaluate everything that’s going on in your life. Worst people in the world.

But somehow, there’s people worse than the guy at your office who complains about AJ Green getting hurt in the first quarter on Sunday. It’s the guy who tweets at NFL players complaining about their fantasy numbers. These people need to take a long, hard look in the mirror and ask themselves why they think tweeting at athletes will change anything, and then go jump off a bridge.

So last night some dick did this to Todd Gurley, one of the best young running backs in the league with a shit offensive line and on a shit team all around. And not only did he complain, he actually said he wants to fight him.

The purest definition of an internet tough guy. Thank God Todd responded:

Yes, please pull up. And Todd, please bash this dude’s brain into mush. Then maybe it’ll end the idiots who 1. Think they can beat up and NFL player an 2. Continue to tweet at these guys thinking it will change anything.



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