Mississippi State’s Stadium Was Vandalized by Ole Miss Fans Last Night


Listen, I’m always down for some off the field college football rivalry incidents, but wouldn’t this have made more sense about three weeks ago during the Egg Bowl? I respect the hustle of taking time out of your day to vandalize your rival’s stadium, but actually do it during rivalry week.

Instead, Ole Miss fans waited almost a month after and spray painted all over Davis Wade Stadium in Starkville.

Davis Wade Stadium was vandalized with graffiti last night. MSU AD John Cohen has no comment at this time. It's an ongoing investigation.

— Michael Bonner (@MikeBBonnerSCT) December 17, 2016

There are cameras all around the stadium. Those will obviously be looked at. pic.twitter.com/voIbbrfhW9

— Michael Bonner (@MikeBBonnerSCT) December 17, 2016

Again, I love this kind of rivalry stuff. But try and do it when people actually give a shit about the rivalry. Not after the playoff is set and we’re into bowl season. Be better Ole Miss.

Making a loop around the stadium and found some more graffiti. pic.twitter.com/uwLLrxtqxD

— Michael Bonner (@MikeBBonnerSCT) December 17, 2016