Eddie Lacy Will Be Back on the P90X Regimen This Offseason

Back in October, ESPN’s Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen reported that Eddie Lacy ruined the progress he made with offseason P90X workouts by ballooning back up to 255-265 pounds. (He had trimmed down to 240 by OTAs.) And the weight gain issue was eventually compounded by left ankle surgery, which pretty much ended Eddie’s Packers career.

No worries, though. According to ESPN, Eddie will attempt to return to “Skinny Eddie” status by resuming P90X in the offseason — dude obviously has to get another contract:

“I’ll definitely be ready,” he said. “I don’t know when it is, but definitely I’ll be able to start training in the offseason and running on a scheduled program.”
Lacy credited that training for the fast start he got off to this season.
“I was just more explosive, a little more agile, a little quicker, and guys didn’t want tackle me, I guess you could say,” Lacy said. “Sometimes you just know, like you just feel it. And to be able to have that thought and have that feeling and you can go out and see it happening, it was one of the best feelings ever. I was coming off of a not-so-good year, and to be able to start off the way I did was amazing. For it to end the way it did was not ideal.”

Once again, we wish Eddie the best of luck on avoiding the China food.

Patriots Fans Punching Some Guy During MNF
Patriots Fans Punching Some Guy During MNF
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