Cleveland TV Weatherman's Beard Out Of Control As Browns Continue Losing

Fox 8 weather guy Scott Sabol is a man of his word even if it means having a monster bushy beard on his chin through the holidays. Scott made a deal back in September that he wouldn’t shave until the Browns won a game. Here we are 85 days or so later and Scott’s beard is what you see. No joke, he’s a weather guy. You’ve probably seen some of his viral work here on BC before. He’s always coming up with ways to be interesting and it’s starting to look like he won’t be shaving until January.
Pending a miracle win over say…my Bengals…Scott’s going through the holidays with this mess in his family photos. Total CIA in ISIS-controlled territory look.
From Fox 8:

Back in September, Scott vowed to grow his beard until the Cleveland Browns could win a game. As we all know, that still hasn’t happened.
Scott’s grown his beard before — one winter he grew it until the temperature went above 60. And last year, he vowed to grow his beard as long as the Cleveland Cavaliers kept winning.
His all time high record was 74 days of beard growing. He broke that record last week, and is now on Day 84.

Cincy is a mess, it’s in Cleveland. That’s where the beard comes off. It’ll be a field goal game and Scott gets to shave. Calling it now.

Here’s Scott back in the old days:


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