Brian Kelly Flight To Eugene? P.J. Fleck Flight To Waco? Or Just A Troll Job?

The message boarders over at Irish 247 say it’s not a legit registration. They say it’s a fake flight plan that was created by a troll. A BC follower says a similar fake troll job is going on from Kalamazoo to Waco, home of Baylor. Is it possible that someone is creating fake flight plans to throw off the coaching search media who tracks flight plans? Is this some sick joke?
The truthers say that the end of those tail numbers are too good to be true which makes these flight plans fake, according to our sources. That said, P.J. Fleck is not a stretch at Baylor where he could row that boat on the narrow river outside the stadium. Brian Kelly to Oregon? That I’m not buying.
Fans are freaking out over this flight leaving South Bend for Eugene, Oregon. The original message board theory is that this might be Brian Kelly’s flight.

A BC follower pointed out that it would be strange for Fleck to be flying on a Western plane. I’m not enough of an expert on coaching search flights to know how this works.

Here’s the style of plane that’s allegedly going from Kalamazoo to Waco.

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