All Of My Photos & Videos From Saturday At Michigan-Ohio State…A+ Time In CBus

There’s no need to write a bunch of words about my experience in Columbus over the weekend because you guys aren’t going to read the words anyway. I’m a veteran of this game. I know you just want ridiculous photos and videos. You might also like the trip wrap-up podcast where I talk about watching the game in a huge tent with a bunch of lesbians, probably from a softball team and some of them were hot.

That was a first for me. I was fixated on them during timeouts.

Anyway, dig in and let me know what you like around here.

Michigan Dad needed some help getting out of the Varsity Club

What’s gonna happen today?

The reaction at Tiny’s BBQ tailgate when Ohio State won on Curtis Samuel’s TD run

Tells me about his blowup doll


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