Jim Edmonds Is A New Daddy, Passed Out Jabrill & Passed Out Wisconsin Girl


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Jim Harbaugh is exactly who we think he is

I like hearing Michigan fans saying things like this on my Twitter feed: “Any Michigan fan who uses officiating as excuse missed the game.” I guess Jim Harbaugh missed the game. I don’t know, I’m just a moron, but it sure sounded after the game like Jim was using the officiating as an excuse. Again, it’s just me. And this will fuel Michigan fans for years. And this will fuel my pageviews for years, so I’m completely cool with Harbaugh going nuts. Now comes the part that’s going to kill the SEC fans. Michigan should be in the Final Four. Let’s stop pretending that Penn State deserves it if they win the B1G. As of right now, let’s go with Bama vs. Michigan and Ohio State vs. Clemson.

Numbers from @bustedcoverage:

1829 days …. since Michigan beat Ohio State.

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