AP Voter Tom Murphy Dropped Ohio State 2 Spots After Beating Michigan, Moved Wolverines Up 1 Spot



Are you ready to blow up the AP college football poll and just go with no rankings until the CFP committee releases its rankings in the middle of the season? I’m not. I’m enjoying every minute of the implosion and want to see it go on for years. Let’s take this weekend for AP voter Tom Murphy from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. He moved Michigan up to #3 and dropped Ohio State to #5 after Saturday’s game. No joke. He played God and claimed he had a better angle of the 4th down play than the refs on the field. Read his words above.

I’m loving every minute of this. I love that Ohio State fans lost their minds. I love that Tom’s vote caused so much controversy. I love that there was chaos on Tom’s Twitter account – @TomMurphyADG. It got so bad that Tom had to retract his initial statement.

Here’s Tom having a come to Jesus moment with college football fans…here’s where Tom sorta apologizes for playing god:


Tom’s Week 14 AP vote:


Tom’s Week 13 AP vote to compare/contrast:


My conclusion:

Tom reacted with his heart, which probably doesn’t like Ohio State at all. Just a hunch. Tom thought now was the time to go ahead and punish the refs and he was going to do it with his AP vote. It was going to be a protest vote. In the end, Tom crumbled under the pressure. You can’t read the comments. I’ve been there before. You tweet something get crushed and then go back on your original word. Can’t do that in sports. Gotta let it ride, Tom. You’re in Arkansas, the fans down there love you for doing this. Don’t let some OSU blowhards scare you.

Never forget, Tom:

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